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Why do we do Small Groups?

We believe Small Groups are biblical and necessary for spiritual growth. If you go to our church, we encourage you to “get connected” by plugging into one of our small groups. The purpose of these groups is to help you grow in your walk with Christ to become a disciple who multiplies disciples.

What do Small Groups look like?







Why should I join a Small Group?

If you are looking for a body of believers that will encourage you, pray for you, hold you accountable, and celebrate God’s Work in your life, then Small Groups may be for you. The best way to get more information and get plugged into a group is to attend our Step 1 class.


When & where do Small Groups meet?

Small Groups meet in various homes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. We currently have groups in Orchard Park, Hamburg, South Buffalo, and Lancaster.

How often do Small Groups meet?

Groups meet three times a month and typically have one week off each month.

How long would I be in a Small Group?

Typically, a group will run until it multiplies, at which point someone in the group helps to start a new group in addition to the original group.

Do Small Groups meet all year?

We have a fall session that runs from September to December. And we have a spring session that goes from January to May. Groups do not meet during the summer.

What does each Small Group look like?

Most groups have 10-14 members and gather together for two hours in a home. Groups enjoy fellowship, a discussion about the Bible, prayer, and mutual accountability time (men with men, women with women).

What is the commitment?

Joining a small group requires consistent attendance at the weekly meetings and any preparation ahead of time. Commitment is key to building group momentum and deep relationships. We understand that illness, work commitments, and family trips come up; however, the depth of each small group depends on the commitment of each member.

How important are Small Groups at Harvest Buffalo?

Small groups are the engine of our church. We like to say that we're not a church WITH Small Groups but a church OF Small Groups. Discipleship and walking with Christ happens primarily in our Small Groups setting. Our other ministries also incorporate small groups, including Harvest Kids and Student Ministry. We believe meeting together on a regular basis is time well spent.

Is childcare provided?

Small groups are for adults only but exceptions are made for newborns who are nursing. Parents are responsible for arranging childcare during small group. This can include hiring a babysitter (assistance is available), coordinating childcare with other families in your group or swapping childcare with someone from another small group who meets on a different night. Resources and assistance is available through the Small Group Intake Form.

How are groups selected?

While there is no specific formula for assigning members into various groups, some factors include: group size, available openings, stage of life, location, requested person(s) and the dynamics of each small group.

Do I have to be a member of the church to join a Small Group?

Membership is not required in order to join a small group, but we do expect that every person who is in a small group consider our church to be their church home.