Small Groups


At Harvest Bible Chapel our focus is on the quality of discipleship. We encourage those in our fellowship to “get connected” by plugging into one of our small groups. The purpose of these groups is to minister to and encourage one another in daily devotionals, effective prayer, and mutual accountability.

What does a small group look like?

A typical small group meeting consists of a time of worship, Bible study, mutual accountability time (men with men, women with women) and fellowship. Our groups study what we call Pulpit Curriculum meaning we take the sermon from Sunday and discuss it in a way that leads to application. Small Groups are approximately two hours in length and are held on weeknights.

Learn more about how we are committed to small groups as a church.

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    Doctrinal Statement

    Read our doctrinal statement.

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    Attend Steps 1 & 2

    These events give you an opportunity to hear about thehistory of our church, our discipleship focus and how small groups are integral part of walking with Jesus Christ.

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    Step 3

    Fill Out a Step 3 card and email us at