Why we pray

Jesus modeled prayer for us in Matthew 6. His model prayer divides into the two basic halves that are first Godward (Matthew 6:9-10) and then manward (Matthew 6:11-13).

The essence of prayer is 1) He is worthy and 2) I am needy.

He is worthy

A vital element of recognizing our neediness is to be captivated with His worthiness. The Bible is filled with examples of the greatness and goodness of God. He is indeed worthy of our worship and prayer (Psalm 145:9, 86:5, 19:7, 34:8, 106:1, 143:10, Romans 2:4, James 1:17, 2 Samuel 7:28).

We are needy

The Bible gives us many reasons for a humble, daily dependence on God